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Our Need For Assistance

There is much work to be done! If we are to succeed in raising strong, productive, dedicated young Men at this time and in this place, we know we must work together. No one individual or group can accomplish this alone.


We know that the formula we have established within the S.T.E.P. program and the volunteers behind that process can and will have a meaningful impact if given the opportunity, this through the collective support of the community and the financial support so desperately needed to move this process forward.


Some of our general needs and expenses include:


* Uniforms

* Programs & Activities/Special Projects

* Nutritional Program Supplies

* Educational Materials, Stationary

* Outreach Program

* Field Trips


Listed above are some of the basic needs we experience in order to assure the process of re-claiming our young Men.


We understand that we are dependent on one another in our existence. When one of us fails, we all fail. When one of us succeeds, we all march to victory. This is the essence of S.T.E.P. , that we must

"Strive Together To Progress."


If you or someone you know can appreciate such a mission and wish to

make a tax-deductible contribution towards the building of our future, please make checks or money orders out to:



P.O. Box 22192

Newark , New Jersey 07101


For those who wish to donate online you can also use your credit or debit card with PayPal (A PayPal Account is NOT needed) by clicking the button below:








Thank you again for your support.





S.T.E.P. Inc

501c3 Non-Profit, Tax ID# (EIN) 74-3261554















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