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The S.T.E.P.

Assisting S.T.E.P. in our nurturing process are the use of educational videos and literature, special lectures, electronic audio presentations and field trips to places such as the Schomberg Museum in Harlem and the Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, MD.


S.T.E.P. has established a core curriculum that includes:


Culture (African, Caribbean and African American History and Culture)

Spirituality (Understanding of the Importance of Living in Harmony)

Science (Economics, Politics, Language)

Health (Wellness through total Health and Fitness)

Leadership (Manhood and Womanhood, decision making, personal planning community service and organizing)

Self Defense (Boxing, Martial Arts, Grappling)


The instilling of pride, self esteem and cultural awareness are essential elements of the S.T.E.P. program structure. These ingredients act as the foundation in which we build upon through the entire S.T.E.P. process. A few of the activities we use for this purpose include:


The Financial Literacy Project (SFLP) - is a special hands-on literacy program designed to provide a bridge connecting urban youth to the world of finance.


The Youth Anti-Violence Information Campaign - seeks to engage youth in sharing concrete, proactive ideas and solutions with the community on eliminating the violence in our neighborhoods.


The USD Survival Project - offers a special three week training course on the science of Urban survival .


The  S.T.E.P. Truth Soldiers Orators Club - consist of youth members who possess the desire to share positive and crucial information with the community through panels discussions, conferences and other such public speaking engagements.


The Marcus Garvey Leadership Project - is designed to assist our youth, with the leadership tools necessary to deal effectively with the many facets of URBAN survival and much more.


The STEP Rites of Passage Acknowledgement Ceremony & Dinner – an acknowledgement  ceremony commencing at the completion of the session where all participants, staff and their families attend to acknowledge the accomplishments of all program members after the first completed session of the calendar year.


The STEP Kwanzaa Acknowledgement Ceremony and Dinner – community celebration and youth acknowledgement ceremony where all participants, staff and their families attend to acknowledge our culture and also the accomplishments of all program members after the second completed session of the calendar year.

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