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Donate Your 
Real Estate


The S.T.E.P. Organization is now accepting Real Estate Donations. We recognize that there are many property owners who become so frustrated with a house that they simply walk away. This often leads to a house becoming boarded and abandoned thus causing neighborhood blight and despair.


But Why Walk Away When You Can Donate That Real Estate?


We feel a better solution for the Property Owner, Community residents and the youth of S.T.E.P. is to donate the property to us instead. Our real estate investment team at STEP Buys Houses LLC has a combined 40 years of experience helping distressed owners. We've effectively resolved dozens of title issues and saved countless homes from foreclosure.  We've effectively removed, discounted and negotiated mortgages that had previously rendered houses under water. So donating your real estate to our 501 (c)(3) tax deductible organization not only gives you an opportunity for HUGE tax savings, but also allows us to do what we've been blessed to do for almost 20 years: help raise our youth into responsible Men our families and community need.

Looking To Learn More About The S.T.E.P. Real Estate Education & Investment Initiative?

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Looking To Sell Your House Instead? Click here:


Contact Us Now To Get Your Questions Answered.

Or Call Us Direct at:  (862) 234-0474


Proceeds from real estate donated or sold to STEP will be applied towards our operating expenses and building fund and or in the form of educational scholarships for our youth. We Don't Pay Any Salaries.



S.T.E.P. is a nonprofit 501c3 organization:  Tax ID# (EIN) 74-3261554

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