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Within the S.T.E.P. formula we have included a learning structure that seeks to systematically prepare our young men with the intellectual ammunition and the social armor to stand with authority.  This even in the face of a sometimes overwhelming environment. This foundation will afford them the opportunity for success in their personal lives and contribute to their collective input within their family and community.


The S.T.E.P. program involves two sessions per calendar year. The first session starts the first week in January each year and ends the second week of July. The second session begins the third week of July each year and ends the third week of December. These session ending times coincide with the scheduled times of our first and second session Acknowledgement Ceremony and Dinner programs that mark the end of each program period. Our program meets weekly form 5:30pm--9:00pm and weekends for established field trips.




Participant registration is accepted on a first-come first-serve basis and are reviewed for consideration accordingly. The organization's priority is to target the general Newark/Essex County area youth population; however perspective applicants from outside the mentioned area are not excluded from attending the program.


Each registration package includes forms that each parent must fill out and have notarized. Parents and/or guardians can email or call requesting additional information or to receive a copy of our registration form. Completed registration forms must be brought in person along with the appropriate registration fee ($80 per student for each session) before youth are allowed to participate in the program.




The "Orientation Process" is mandatory for all registered youth and parents to attend.  Its intended purpose is for reviewing program goals, objectives, rules and regulations. Youth and parents will be able to meet other participants, ask questions, review program adjustments, updates and get a general understanding and feel of the overall process and what it entails. Natural foods and refreshments are also served at this time.

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